She will be computer scientist

She will be computer scientist

“We wanted to incentivize and promote female students to IT studies since it is a discipline very much suitable to women which offers several job opportunities” says Simonetta Tregnago – President of the Regional Commission for Equal Opportunities of the Veneto Region

Motivate your students to consider a curriculum/career in Computer Sciences at the University by discovering the project “Informatica sarà lei”

“Informatica sarà lei” (She will be Computer Scientist) is a project carried out by the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice together with the Equal Opportunities Commission of the Veneto Region with the aim to inform girls about how many new professions a computer sciences curriculum can open to, especially in sectors ranging from health to entertainment to industry in the strict sense. These professions require skills that women are not lacking in: team work, problem solving, multitasking, but also creativity, mediation, trust.

The project of the Department of Informatics in Venice offered (also in Facebook) video interviews and role models, both female students and professionals, which have been summarized in the proposed short video.

Teachers can show this 9 minutes video (available in Italian, subtitled in English) to students in order to raise their awareness about jobs and professions related to computer science.

This material can be combined with others especially the videos on “What do programmers actually do?” and “Girls can”.


Italian subtitled in English

Type of material



9 mins

Level of gender-fairness

1. Basic

Teaching practice


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November 5, 2019



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