Gender stereotyping – Out of the straitjacket!

Gender stereotyping - Out of the straitjacket!

People should be able to make choices fee of gender stereotypes.

This video addresses the issue of tackling gender stereotypes because it is crucial that individuals will not be limited in their ambitions and options by the so-called gender stereotypes: traditional standards of what men and women are ‘supposed to do’.

Gender stereotypes are also often associated with LGBTI, ethnic, class and age-related stereotypes. A Working Future is committed to breaking gender stereotypes in education and the labour market, and improving the options for combining work, care giving and education. A Working Future is a collaborative project of Atria, Institute on Gender Equality and Women’s History; Emancipator; Dutch Council of Women (NVR); and VHTO, National Expert Organisation on Girls/Women and Science/Technology.

Use this teaching material to question students or yourself about gender stereotypes in our society: traditional standards of what men and women are ‘supposed to do’.

You can combine this teaching material with other materials like “Find gender stereotypes in STEM representations!” and “Women in STEM Stereotypes”.



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4 min 04 sec

Level of gender-fairness

2. Intermediate

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Awareness raising

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November 6, 2019



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