Find gender stereotypes in STEM representations!


Find gender stereotypes in STEM representations!

Which gender stereotypes are hidden behind campaigns and products we come across every day? Educate yourself to spot these stereotypical images and you will learn how to avoid them in your own teaching practice.

This toolkit was produced as part of Hypatia project. Hypatia is an EU Horizon 2020 funded project that addresses the challenge of gathering different societal actors around bringing more teenagers, especially  girls, into STEM careers both in school and as a choice of learning and career in the future. It aims at changing the ways sciences are communicated to young people in and out of school to make them more gender inclusive.

The toolkit focuses on gender-stereotyped representations of science and technologies in advertisements for technological objects (such as computers, smartphones, video games, cars, etc.) and recruitment campaigns for schools, training, or jobs in STEM fields.

Teachers can use this material to deliver a workshop to pupils aged 13-18. Through the discovery, comprehension and analysis of stereotypes in these visuals, students will be led to question: How these stereotypes influence the way they view the skills/abilities associated with women and men in science and technology? How these stereotypes influence their choice of studies and careers?



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14 pages

Level of gender-fairness

1. Basic

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November 5, 2019



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