About the self-assessment tool

About the self-assessment tool

The Gender4STEM self-assessment tool  has been designed by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology for the Gender4STEM project .

Inspired by the Fribourg University’s Equal+ project  and based on a solid state of the art, the associated questionnaire has been scientifically built, tested and validated with a European panel of secondary level teachers, and experts in gender and education . It is based on the assumption that teaching (and related practices) is not gender-neutral: “Gender equal teaching is not simply applying specific teaching methods. Rather, it means to detect, make aware, and integrate gender issues in relation to your teaching scenario” (Source: Equal+ Project).

The 14 Gender4STEM questions allow you to assess a set of 28 knowledge areas, 44 skills and 12 attitudes distributed in five teaching practices of secondary level teachers. This set of knowledge, skills and attitudes form the Gender4STEM competency model.

With the questionnaire results, you will find out how gender fair your teaching practices are and have access to personalized recommendations of teaching materials that will help you step up the gender fairness of your teaching practices, thus improving your teaching. After looking through your recommended materials and experimenting with some of them, you may want to take the questionnaire again  to check on your progress. Ideally, you should wait at least 15 days before taking the test again in order to mitigate the memory bias (which reduces the accuracy of a questionnaire taken twice).

In terms of psychometrics (quality of the questionnaire), even if the preliminary sample (30 people) is somewhat small, it can be considered a promising starting point! Indeed, according to the Cronbach’ alpha indicator, the questionnaire is considered very reliable: .95. A Cronbach’s alpha higher than .8 is proof of good reliability, therefore .95 is a solid score!

What’s next? According to the results and the sample, the objective is to enlarge the data in order to refine the items and start looking at correlations between several biographical variables of the questionnaire participants (job, years of experience, country, etc.) and their ratings. Pre and post-assessment after looking through the teaching materials would also be an interesting avenue of research.


Access translated versions of the questionnaire:

Gender4STEM Questionnaire in Romanian

Gender4STEM Questionnaire in Italian



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