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The Gender4STEM Teaching Assistant is developed as part of the research project Gender4STEM which is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. More info about the project.

The Gender4STEM Teaching Assistant is about raising teachers’ awareness on (conscious and unconscious) behavioural gender biases, but above all it is about providing them with concrete tools for more gender fair practices.

Self-assessment tool

Gender-fair practices: where do you stand? Take the self-assessment tool and access to tailored recommendations of learning contents

Browse learning contents

Browse about 80 useful materials to counter gender stereotypes in STEM education and to improve your teaching practises.

A tool box platform for gender aware teaching

The Gender4STEM Teaching Assistant is a tool box platform specifically developed for secondary-level teachers (especially in STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), schools’ psychologists and career advisors, head of teachers, schools directors…

It provides educational and awareness-raising materials to support teachers in deploying gender fair teaching practises into their classrooms.

The materials can be videos of female role models in STEM, guidelines for hands on activities, tips, toolkits, quiz… and offer piece of advice to give girls more interest in STEM.

First you can you can take stock of your own gendered education practices by taking the Gender4STEM questionnaire.

But you can also freely browse contents depending your needs.




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